New Pokemon Snap XP Farming Guide

Leveling up is a crucial part of every game. However, sometimes, players need to level up faster than the game intends them to. This is where Exp farming comes in. This New Pokemon Snap XP Farming guide will help you farm XP (in this case, expedition points) and level up your Research faster in Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap XP Farming

In Pokemon Snap, you play a role of a researcher out to gather pictures of Pokemon to study them. As you do so, you’ll level up your Research Level by gaining Expedition points, New Pokemon Snaps version of Experience points. Let’s take a look at how to earn these expedition points.

You need to submit photos of Pokemon across various Research Centers to gain Expedition points. With more expedition points comes an Increase in Research Level, which also gets you new Pokemon and increases your abilities.

Let’s now look at how you can earn farm expedition points to get higher research ranks faster.

Farming Expedition Points through Snaps

As a researcher, your role is to get as much data as you can on every Pokemon. This means every picture counts. As you go on your adventures, make sure you keep an eye out for every Pokemon you see.

As your Rank increases with Research Level, so does the activities various Pokemon perform randomly. This means you have access to more photo-shooting opportunities. New snaps of wild Pokemon will help you get more XP.

With this, make sure you try to get better photos of Pokemon you already have. Try capturing all four of each Pokemon’s different behavior. If you get improved pictures, it will get you more Expedition Points.

Even if your new photos are not better than the previously submitted ones, make sure you submit the new pictures you get. The only thing you have to keep an eye on is that these new, less good pictures, do not replace the already existing better photo in the Pokemon files.

As long as you keep on providing the Research Centers with new photos, you will keep on earning XP. Doing so will also improve your photography skills, allowing you to improve on the existing photos and earning more Expedition Points and XP, and the cycle continues.

Every time you go out on the hunt for any new Pokemon snaps, make sure you capture new photos of every Pokemon you encounter as you may get an improved picture, along with free XP that you are already getting.

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