New Pokemon Snap Triple Threat Request Guide

This New Pokemon Snap Triple Threat Request guide is a walkthrough of the Triple Threat LenTalk Request in the Founja Jungle (Night) in the newly released Switch game. We have covered everything regarding the picture that you need, how to attract the required Pokemon for it and how to capture the picture.

New Pokemon Snap Triple Threat Request

In order to unlock the Triple Threat Request in New Pokemon Snap, you have to obtain the Melody Player. Once you have obtained that, you will see a text saying, “I saw a Yanmega fly away from this area. Did something happen here?”

Finding a Yanmega
Head towards the Swamp Route and before you reach there, toss an Illumina Orb at the Crystabloom. By doing so, you will reveal footprints that will help you track the Swamp Route. Next, play the Melody to attract Yanmega before heading through the grass into the swamp. You will then see a Yanmega coming out of the bushes to your right and will fly away.

Head into the swamp then and play the Melody again. A Yanmega will get attracted to the Melody and the Ariados will also come out from inside the wall to fight the Yanmega.

When both Yanmega and Ariados start fighting each other, take a clear shot of them fighting. Make sure to focus on Ariados while taking the photo. The request is then marked completed, but unfortunately, there is no reward for completing this request so you can end the tour and return to camp.