New Pokemon Snap Tips and Tricks

New Pokemon Snap is the sequel to the amazing on-rails Pokemon photography game Pokemon Snap. In this guide, we will tell you all the New Pokemon Snap Tips and Tricks to help beginners and returning players alike get started snapping great photos in the newly released Switch game.

New Pokemon Snap Tips and Tricks

New Pokemon Snap is very different from regular Pokemon games, so beginners may feel a bit lost at first. Let’s look at some essential tips to keep in mind.

Scan to Find the Hidden Pokemon
This feature is very useful for finding nearby Pokemon and other things you can interact with. This will provide you with an opportunity to take some good snaps as well because some Pokemon react to the scanning noise and can give you a special pose to capture.

Increase Camera and Pointer Speed
You’d want to take snaps quickly, so adjusting your camera speed to your liking is important. To do this, you have to go to the settings. After that, go to the Camera Speed and Pointer Speed options and increase the speed of your camera. This will make your camera move around quickly.

Enable R for Taking Snaps
This will helps you in using the camera more frequently. Simply go to the settings and select the R button instead of the A button as a snap-taking button. It feels much more like a camera now!

Play Again and again
After leveling up your research level, you should visit the areas again because you might have missed something, and when you go again, you can capture that special moment.

Some areas even have hidden sightings of rare legendary Pokemon like Ho-Oh. So, when you replay areas, be Vigilant!

Submit Photos to the Professor
For leveling up, one of the most important things is submitting the snaps to Professor Mirror. Just submit the photos you have taken because they can help you in getting more points and leveling up.

Things to remember for a better Snap
The different factors which help in determining the points you get for your photos are direction, pose, size, and placement. You can get up to 1000 points for direction and placement.

But the size matters a lot. The greater the size is, the more points you are going to make through it.  You can get even more points for the pose if you capture the Pokemon while doing some action rather than still.

Use Fruits
Fruits can be used for taking some great snaps of the Pokemon. You can throw the fruits at the Pokemon and then capture their reaction in the photo for getting good points. You might capture a rare moment while they are reacting to the thrown fruit.

Move Quickly
You can use the D-pad for moving quickly instead of turning slowly. This will turn you 180 degrees, and you can immediately see what is behind you. Pokemon are always moving in the Snap, so you need to be pretty quick in everything.

Take Photos While Moving
In New Pokemon Snap, you can take Snaps without motion blur, so don’t hesitate in capturing the moment even if you are moving. The Snap will be great without any blur, and the chances of getting a good photo are also higher.

Capture a Lot of Snaps!
You can take up to 72 photos on an expedition. You have to take all the possible photos. The more photos you have, the more points you will get with the experience as well. This will also unlock the different Pokemon.

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