New Pokemon Snap Pup at Heart Request Guide

In this guide, we will discuss the complete walkthrough of New Pokemon Snap Pup at Heart Request. We will take a look at how you can grab the perfect Snap of Stoutland and complete this request.

New Pokemon Snap Pup at Heart Request

Begin by going to the Lab side of the map (The Pup at Heart Request can only be completed from the Lab Side). After that, you have to figure out the starting point of the course. It depends upon the background you see inside the menu. This background appears prior to your exploration.

Feed Stoutland Two Fluffruits
After you have started the course, you will see Stoutland soon close to the NEO-ONEs. First, you have to make Stoutland get to the center of the camp. This is very important, the reason for this will be explained later on. You can make Stoutland move towards the center by feeding him Fluffruit.

Feed Trubbish A Fluffruit
You will see Eevee next to Trubbish on the table. You will make Eevee move to the center of the camp by throwing a fluffruit at Trubbish. Doing so will spook Trubbish, and it will exhale foul gas. Eevee will be disturbed by that and choose to move.

Bring Eevee to the Center
You will need more fluffruit now. When Eevee and Stoutland are both in the middle, you have to get them closer. You can do this by lining up a bunch of fluffruit. When you do this, Eevee and Stoutland will try to communicate after recognizing each other.

Throw an Illumina Orb at Stoutland
The next step is to get an Illumina Orb and throw it towards Stoutland. This will make him glow and fill Eevee with joy because of this and be in awe of the glow.

When Stoutland is excited, he tends to be very playful and spins in the same spot. When he does, take a Snap of Stoutland, and the New Pokemon Snap Pup at Heart Request will be complete.

You will get a Campfire Collectible as a reward.

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