New Pokemon Snap Operation Be My Friend Guide

In Pokemon Snap, Operation Be My Friend is a quest given to you by Rita in which you will have to befriend Leafeon. In order to find Leafeon, you will also need to bypass Liepard, who will be blocking the path that leads to Leafeon. In this guide, we have the complete New Pokemon Snap Operation Be My Friend guide for you.

New Pokemon Snap Operation Be My Friend

In order to start this quest, you will first need to unlock it by unlocking Illumina Balls. Illumina Balls are required to get behind the waterfall during the day. To unlock the balls, you need to reach Research Level 2 in both Founja Jungle stages.

Once you have the Illumina Balls, you will be able to start the quest by talking to Rita. However, keep in mind that Leafeon can only be found during the daytime, so make sure that you have time before the night falls in the game to spot Leafeon.

Head to the Founja Jungle and keep moving forward until you reach the waterfall entrance. The waterfall entrance will be blocked by a Liepard who will be sleeping in front of it. You can get the Liepard to move by tossing an Illumina Orb at the Liepard from far away.

Before it falls asleep, you must try to aim well with your camera and throw Illumina Balls at it to get a good hit. This is important because you won’t be able to wake it up in any way if it falls asleep. If you reach Liepard during the day, then you can use the Illumina Ball’s melody to get it to move from the entrance.

When Liepard is successfully moved from its spot, move ahead using the entrance and then scan the node on the path to get the correct directions to Leafeon. Lefeaon will be in the cave. To complete the photo request, throw Leafeon some Fluffruits. When he ends up eating one, take the photo to complete the request.

Return to the camp with the photo to finish Operation Be My Friend request.

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