New Pokemon Snap Eevee Party Request Guide

The New Pokemon Snap comes with various requests you can find throughout the world brimming with colorful Pokemon. We will be showing you how to complete the New Pokemon Snap Eevee Party Request.

New Pokemon Snap Eevee Party Request

Essentially there are 2 Pokémon to focus on, Eevee and Cutiefly. The quest is given by Rita. All you need to do is grab Eevee and Cutiefly snapshots.

Start the Course
The Snapper has to begin the quest only from the entrance to get the request completed. You can know which side you’re starting on before the Eevee Party request starts, depending on the color of the menu. Scan the area to find the branched path to enter the Lab. Once inside the Lab, the Snapper doesn’t have plenty of time, and everything is to be done swiftly.

Throw Illumina Orbs at Eevee and Stoutland
Snapper has to throw Illumina Orbs at Eevee and Stoutland and then scan to wake Eevee and Stoutland up.

Throw Illumina Orbs at Cutieflies
The Snapper has to start then scanning the Lab, mainly the area where the television is. Cutieflies will come out from behind the television. Start tossing a lot of Illumina Orbs at the Cutieflies immediately to make them glow.

Next, both the Pokémon will start playing with one another. Eevee will be running after the Cutieflies around the room. Finally, the Snapper has to start taking pictures of the Eevee and Cutieflies playing together.

Get Eevee and Cutieflies Snapshots
After that, the Snapper needs to get numerous shots as they are requested until the perfect one, in which the Eevee is sitting down, and the Cutieflies are close above it with their glow. Then, while clicking the snaps, keep throwing Illumina Orbs so that the Cutieflies keep glowing.

This generally happens after the play session between the Pokémon; this is the best opportunity to take the snap. The window is small in which Eevee sits down, after which Eevee gets up and walks away.

After that, snapper has to turn in the snaps taken to the professor for evaluation. Make sure to turn in the photo in which the Eevee is sitting down, as that will get the request completed.

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