New Pokemon Snap At Home in the Dark Request Guide

One of the requests in your Research Camp in Pokemon Snap is “At Home in the Dark.” This New Pokemon Snap At Home in the Dark Request guide is a detailed walkthrough of the mission, consisting of all the necessary steps you need to take in order to complete the request in New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap At Home in the Dark Request

First of all, get to the Research Camp section and you will see the request At Home in the Dark. This quest requires you to draw out a Pokemon that is hiding underneath the porch.

So, first head towards the Research Camp and you will see a Meowth asleep next to a NEO-ONE. Throw fluffruit at the Meowth to wake it up.

Next, create a trail to fluffruits to the holes underneath the porch and scatter some fluffruits all around it. Once you have done it, start scanning the area. If you don’t scan, the Meowth will not start moving towards it.

So, as you scan, you will see that the Meowth will go underneath the porch and scare the Rattata out of it. Eventually, Rattata will come out of underneath the porch and start running across the garden. Meowth will be running right behind it.

Now what you have to do is to capture a picture of both of them together. In simple words, you need to include both Meowth and Rattata in a single frame. So just snap the photo and your request of At Home in the Dark will be marked completed!

Finally, you can submit the photo to Professor Mirror to receive a reward for completing the request.