New Pokemon Snap An Unusual Spot Request Guide

In this New Pokemon Snap An Unusual Spot Request guide, we’ll explain how to complete this request by capturing an eating Ledian in Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap An Unusual Spot Request

An Unusual Spot Request is a quest given to you by Todd in Pokemon Snap. To complete the quest, you’ll have to take a picture of Ledian devouring its food while on the ground.

The first major challenge that arises is to spot a Ledian. The second challenge is to find a Ledian on land. And lastly, the challenge is to find them eating something and capturing that on your camera.

With so many challenges at hand, let’s get to finding a Ledian at first. Founja Jungle (Night), hosts quite a lot of them, but when you do come across them at level 1, continue with your journey since this request is way too difficult to fulfill at such a low level.

You’ll have a better chance at completing this quest when you’ve leveled up to the second level. Now that you’re at the second level and you’ve spotted a couple of Ledians, it’s about time we woke them up from their sleep.

You can wake them up through music, or you can light a Crystabloom using an Illumina Orb. Keep looking down while making it across the forest to spot a Crystalbloom. Opting for the second choice since music can scare them away.

Eventually, a few Ledians will appear but all of them will be airborne, except one. That one Ledian on the ground is where your attention should be. You can devise two ways for taking a picture of them eating. A quick way for the sake of simply completing the request, or a proper way for getting a good picture.

The Quick Way
You can take on this approach while being in the air. All you have to do is throw some apples on the ground near our favorite Ledian. More apples you throw, better chances you have of capturing it eat an apple. However, if you throw in way too many apples, it’ll get confused and might not eat any of the apples.

The drawback to this approach is that you’ll not be able to get a very clear shot because of the trees in between. To get a clear shot, you need to be on the ground.

Getting to the Ground!
To make a landing, you need to look for Liepards. You’ll find one on one of the branches above you in the trees. Now, you need to make this Liepard attack you, and the only way of doing this is to attack it with an orb.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself on the ground. Light up the Crystalboom and wait for the Ledians to show up so you can throw apples at them and capture them eating it.

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