New PlayStation Store Design is Live on PS4; Great but Choppy

We had reported more than three weeks ago that there will be a new PlayStation Store design going live some time soon, and now looks like it has. Sony Interactive Entertainment seems to have put the design overhaul on live, and if you haven’t seen it yet, we have detailed screenshots for you below.

Some weeks ago SIE was testing the store on PS4 when reports came in that the PS4 access to the store was appearing limited. This was followed by a number of images that surfaced online revealing the existence of the new design.

Now, the new design seems to have gone live as tons of the PS4 users have been able to see it and tell us about their first impressions.

New PlayStation Store Design is Live

According to the initial reports we have picked up, the new design does look great (the gallery below is enough evidence of that) but it is also pretty choppy in terms of performance.

The users who have been able to see it live are apparently on the latest PS4 beta, but we are sure that will change in a matter of time.

However, what we have picked up so far suggests that Sony is going to have to do some work on it before it is in the best shape. People are reporting a multiple second black screen when transitioning from the Store front to a game’s page.

Also, they have added an auto-play feature to the trailers which is annoying to some of the users for a number of reasons including that it turns the UI navigation sluggish.

While the new PlayStation Store design is prettier, let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into a pretty mess.

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