New Overwatch Trailer Leak Reveals King’s Row Uprising Map, Skins, Sprays

A new Overwatch trailer that was leaked onto the internet today has shown off a special map dealing with the King’s Row Uprising event. The map will be coming with new skins for the characters, a new version of King’s Row, and new sprays and gear for every character.

The King’s Row Uprising, according to a recently released Overwatch comic, was related to an Omnic rights terrorist group known as Null Sector, which has launched a rebellion and taken over King’s Row. The trailer not only shows Overwatch fighting against hordes of Omnics (so it’s like Junkenstein’s Revenge only less serious) but also the layout of the map itself.

King’s Row in this map is in ruins; buildings are burning or have holes in them, Null Sector anti-aircraft turrets are shooting into the sky, and it’s clear that the area is dominated by the terrorists. Now, the heroes we know and love must go into King’s Row to try and restore order.

Going by the comic, the event also appears to take place while Overwatch is nearing its end. Overwatch, in the comic, is being forbidden to go into the city due to a concern for civilian casualties, and tension is once again rising between humans and Omnics.

The new Overwatch trailer shows off a variety of skins for every member of the team. Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer, Torbjorn, and Soldier 76 all get their own custom skins from the days of Overwatch (with Tracer wearing her cadet uniform), while McCree and Genji get their outfits from when they were part of Blackwatch.

Also included will be a variety of other new skins, new sprays for each character, and a lot more. While there’s no release date for when the event will actually hit the game, from what we can see in the new Overwatch trailer (which you can see above) players are going to have a lot on their plates.