New Overwatch 2 Map Teased By Blizzard Developer

A new Overwatch 2 map, or rather, maps, have been teased by Blizzard developers in a recent interview. Originally talking about the newly-added Kanezaka map in the original Overwatch, the devs were asked what cities we might be seeing in Overwatch 2. The devs, however, weren’t forthcoming, so we’re left to guess.

Overwatch 2 will be a great deal grander in scope than the original game. With the world in the grips of a Second Omnic Crisis, Overwatch is reformed to bring peace back to the world. This could likely take us to a large number of maps both old and new around the world.

For instance, though nothing is confirmed yet, at least one developer said that they would like to have a map set in Krakow, a major city in Poland. Though, again, nothing concrete has been confirmed. However, it does give fans of Overwatch a lot to speculate on.

Various different Overwatch maps were spread all across the world on a variety of continents, and it’s likely that any new Overwatch 2 map that we see will be no exception. For instance, even though Rio de Janiero has only been used in an event to promote the 2016 Olympic Games, players may now be able to enter the actual city in Overwatch 2.

Along with that, we may see other Overwatch maps that were previously in the original Overwatch returning in the sequel. Considering the changed situation, some of these maps may end up changed in some way, especially with Null Sector terrorism sweeping the globe.

As Overwatch 2 gets closer and closer to being released, we’ll likely be seeing many a new Overwatch 2 map revealed. BlizzCon may not be far away, and after it was cancelled last year on account of the Covid-19 pandemic, hopefully we’ll be getting a lot of information about it.