New Nioh 2 Enemy Teased In Official Game Tweet, See It At Tokyo Game Show

If you’re going to the Tokyo Game Show next week, you’ll likely get a sneak peek at a new Nioh 2 enemy that was just teased on the official Nioh 2 game Twitter page. While we don’t get a full picture of it, the giant knife it’s carrying means it’ll be dangerous.

The original Nioh became a sleeper hit when it first released back in 2017, and immediately got a reputation for being harder, or at least almost as hard, as the Dark Souls games, which it was imitating (and doing so very successfully). Nioh 2 appears to be stepping up the game a good bit, too.

From what we can see from the picture of the new Nioh 2 enemy, it looks like it will be some kind of either crazy old lady, or a Japanese folk monster much like a substantial portion of the previous game’s enemies were. The creature, with what looks like scaly skin and holding a large knife, might be a kappa or tengu or something to that effect.

Considering how expansive the previous game was with the number of various creatures that it expected players to kill, us already getting what appears to be a new enemy while Nioh 2’s release date is still who-knows-how-long away might mean we’ll be getting even more added.

According to the tweet from Nioh 2’s official Twitter page, we’ll be able to see this new enemy in a life-sized statue form at the Tokyo Game Show next week, which runs from September 11 to September 15 and will likely not only give us more Nioh 2 news, but more games in general.

So, if you’re interested in Nioh 2 and can’t wait for more adventures in a demon-infested Japan, you might want to keep an eye on the Tokyo Game Show for this year any way you can. You may even see the new Nioh 2 enemy statue there!