A Leak Could Have Hinted Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date

A recent leak from a supposed Pokemon developer on the inside has raised the hopes of some Nintendo fans that we’ll finally be getting a release of the long-rumored Nintendo Switch 2 or maybe Switch Pro at some point. Supposedly, they will be released alongside the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC.

This leaker actually has the criteria to be trusted as well; they were responsible for leaking the Pokemon DLC back on February 24, and since they were right on that, many fans have taken that to mean that new Nintendo Switch variants are on the way, though Nintendo hasn’t said anything about them.

There have been rumors circulating about new variants of the Nintendo Switch for years, especially since the console came out nearly six years ago. While one new variant, the OLED Switch, has surfaced, there hasn’t been any news about any kind of “Nintendo Switch 2” console.

The Pokemon DLC, along with supposedly coming out at the same time as the Switch 2 or whatever it could be called, will also apparently be given graphical enhancements to run on these new Nintendo Switch variants. The newer Pokemon games being lacking in graphical quality has often been a criticism by some fans.

Of course, the “new models” could also not mean a new, more powerful Switch version. It could also mean special Nintendo Switch models to go with the Pokemon DLC (considering the two new variants of Suicune and Verizion that were shown during the presentation).

Either way, the Pokemon presentation gave both DLCs general release windows of Fall and Winter of this year, so if the Nintendo Switch 2 is in fact coming, we’ll likely hear some kind of announcement for it during some big gaming event before then, whether at Gamescom or sometime during the Summer of Gaming, or a future Nintendo Direct.

Until then, however, all we can do is sit and wait to see if the rest of this leak actually comes true. While many have their hopes up due to how the leaker was accurate about DLC, since they admit to not being a native English speaker who knows how the Switch “leak” will turn out.

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