New Nintendo Loyalty Program is Called “My Nintendo”

Not too long ago, Nintendo axed its Club Nintendo Loyalty Program and said that a successor is in the works. Now, during an investors meeting Nintendo revealed some more information about its new loyalty program.

The new program is called My Nintendo. The service will kick-off in March and will have many benefits for users who game on Nintendo platforms.

Buying and playing games will give users points that they can spend towards downloadable content, physical rewards and more. Users will also get discount coupons.

The Nintendo Account can be used to access My Nintendo but if you are a new user you can use your social media accounts as well. The service will also extent to features like Friends list management and save data upload.

The Nintendo Account is the evolution on Nintendo Network. Nintendo Account is being created in partnership with DeNa, a JP mobile publisher.

Nintendo’s first smartphone game will launch in March 2016 and this service (My Nintendo) is planned to release alongside that. The smartphone game in question is called Miitomo.

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