New Need For Speed Reveal Will Be Coming Tomorrow, June 2

A new Need for Speed reveal will be coming sometime tomorrow, June 2, according to a statement from EA. Though Need for Speed is a franchise that was expected to be revealed at the EA Play conference around E3, EA apparently decided to move the presentation up a few weeks.

Need for Speed 2017 is only one of the many games that EA is going to be presenting and releasing this year, alongside other games like FIFA 18 and Star Wars: Battlefront 2. However, whereas the other games are apparently sticking with the EA Play conference in a few weeks, the Need for Speed Live reveal will be accelerated to this week.

EA hasn’t given out any sort of reason as to why they’re suddenly moving up the reveal, but whether it’s to make room for another game that they wanted to unveil or just to cut down on the presentation’s run time remains to be seen.

Even so, despite the Need for Speed reveal having not happened yet, there’s already speculation going around about where the game will take place. Particularly, when it comes to the game’s setting. The Need for Speed promotional art shows a car apparently doing donuts in a desert with a city in the distance.

Considering the desert setting, many gamers are guessing that the game will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a large amount of both long roads and open spaces, many might say that the setting is perfect for a Need for Speed title. However, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if that’s all true.

The reveal event will be taking place tomorrow at various times around the world. These include at 6 AM in Los Angeles, 2 PM in England, and 3 PM in Spain. So, convert those time zones and, if you can, wake up early and see how EA will be changing Need for Speed!