New Mortal Kombat X Patch Released on PS4 in US Today

NetherRealm Studios has released a new patch for Mortal Kombat X that addresses issues in Krypt, leaderboards, Easy Fatalities and more.

Ed Boon has been pretty active on Twitter when it comes to the development of Mortal Kombat X and its patches. We have picked up news through his profile that a new patch for the game’s PlayStation 4 version has been released in the North American region.

Here’s what he has said:

Update now available for U.S. PS4 MKX that fixes some problems players have experienced with Krypt Levers & Sony Network account sign in.

As far as the PlayStation 4 version of the Mortal Kombat X patch version 1.03 is concerned, it came with a five point patch note relating to Krypt, leaderboards, Easy Fatalities, and other areas. Here’s what the console will tell you when you crank up the download:

  • Krypt Switch Fix
  • Sony Entertainment Network account Sign In Fix
  • Leader Board Fix
  • Purchasing Easy Fatality Fix
  • Test Fixes

However, it is wise to keep a check on the required free space just to make sure you don’t run into a bottleneck. The patch in question is going to ask around 3GB of storage space on your console.

That being said, the Mortal Kombat X patch in question has only been released for the North American region so far, Ed Boon also assured that the European fans are going to get it very soon:

Same update coming soon on Xbox One & PS4 Europe. Thanks for your feedback everyone…will keep you updated…

Previously, it was Boon again who revealed that the latest patch of the game was going to bring with it a Klassic Sub Zero costume for free. He added that every patch in the future would bring one free costume – isn’t that just great?


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