New Microsoft Flagship Store Opens Its Doors In London

Microsoft has made history by opening its first flagship retail store in London. The new store is in fact the first one Europe.

Microsoft has recently unveiled its brand new store in Regent Street, Oxford Circus, being the only Microsoft (MSFT) retail store in Europe and one of just three worldwide.

The building stands at three-storeys and offers visitors to test software or games as well as tech support. One of the floors is completely dedicated to Xbox hardware, alongside a lounge to host esports tournaments.

There is also a community theatre serving as a “digital learning hub” where visitors can learn classes on skills such as coding, as well as the opportunity to participate in summer camps or other educational events.

Microsoft’s UK CEO, Cindy Rose, said she had been “working on this for several years”, working hard to get nothing short of the best location for the store.

“I think this just the most prime piece of real estate you could possibly find,” Rose said, also adding the fact that 86 million people a year shop at Regent Street, the same street where the huge Apple store resides.

The software giant certainly hasn’t fallen short on a prime location, as Richard Scott of the retail real estate agency Nash Bond, said the store’s location is the most desirable in London.

The new flagship store isn’t the only exciting news, however, as Microsoft also announced a £1 million digital learning grant to help young people in the community. Teaming up with charities UK Youth, The Raspberry Pi Foundation and The London Community Foundation, the grant helps provide educational opportunities to local young people.

“Our ambition is that this is a place where people can do so much more than just shop. It’s a place where they can learn new skills, where businesses can grow and where we can build long term links with the communities in our neighbourhood.” Rose continued.

“That’s why we’re investing £1 million to help train some of the most disadvantaged young people and help support our local community here in London.”

According to Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer, the store will showcase a “unique experience” to visitors, rather than just software sales. So with that, and the store’s incredible location, there’s little doubt business will be booming for the software giant.