New Mafia 3 Video Shows Off Mob Rackets

A new Mafia 3 video that was just released by Hangar 13 shows off a new side of the seedy criminal underbelly of New Bordeaux, the game’s central setting. These mob rackets serve both as a way for the mob to earn money, and a target for Lincoln Clay and his gang.

Rackets in the heyday of the mob were normally used as a method of both intimidation and revenue-gathering for people in the mob territories. Business owners would pay a portion of their profits to the mob, and in exchange the mob would protect the place from other criminal gangs…and not burn it down themselves.

In the new Mafia 3 video, John Donovan, an ex CIA agent, speaks to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about how Lincoln Clay took down the Marcano crime family, which is the antagonist group of the game after they wipe out Lincoln’s original black crime gang.

As revenge, Clay embarks on a journey to rip the Marcano family apart and break their hold on New Bordeaux, while also building his own criminal empire. Part of doing this will be for Lincoln to bust up these rackets, freeing those businesses from the Marcano’s deadly grip.

Every freed business means less money in the mob’s pockets, and things will definitely get messy as Lincoln goes through the game.

Mafia 3 is the sequel to the popular Mafia series that has been developed by 2K Games for years, and will be taking players to a time in American history where the country seemed on the brink of collapse in the year 1968, as the Civil Rights Period, Vietnam War, Saudi Arabian oil embargo, and more all came together like a snowball of doom.

Working with other gangsters that have been wronged by the Marcanos, Lincoln Clay must take over New Bordeaux for his own, even if that means putting businesses under his own, likely more benevolent, protection rackets.

If you want to see the new Mafia 3 video for yourself, just look at the top of this page.

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