New Mafia 3 Trailer Released: Lincoln Clay, The Soldier

A new Mafia 3 trailer has been released today, showing off the new protagonist of Mafia 3. The trailer tells his backstory and motivations for participating in the mafia that he will have in the game as he fights to get his revenge on the Italian mob that murdered his family.

Lincoln Clay, as the protagonist is known, was made an orphan at a young age. Living all his life in the city of New Bordeaux (a thinly veiled pastiche of New Orleans), Clay fell in with the city’s black mob, which became a family to him.

Eventually, Clay spent years in Vietnam before finally coming back several years later.

When he returned, his family is torn from him by a sudden attack by the Italian mob under Sal Marcano. The new Mafia 3 trailer tells Clay’s struggle to get revenge on the Italians, and wipe them out.

The new Mafia 3 trailer is a fairly short video, less than a minute all-told, but we’re introduced into the three other characters that Clay will be bringing into his gang: Vito, Burke, and Cassandra.

Mafia 3’s plot is likely relevant to how the situation is for the mob during the late 60s. An increase in police power saw the mafia on the run, with their family heads able to get away less and less. If Clay’s revenge plot goes through, we’ll likely see the end of the mafia in New Bordeaux, with Clay and his friends taking their place.

Mafia 3 was officially announced in April, and is going to be coming out in October, and promises a bigger world map, interesting new collectibles, new cars, and more action-oriented driving.

Until it releases players will have to be patient, and hopefully 2K Games will release more gameplay for us to look at while they put the finishing touches on the game.

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