Traveller’s Tales Is Gearing Up For New UE5 Lego Game

Traveller’s Tales, the studio that has been behind every Lego game since the first Lego Star Wars game back in 2005, has posted job openings that show they’re getting ready to start work on a new Lego game that’s based on another major IP. However, so far the studio has yet to name the IP itself.

Traveller’s Tales has gone through a number of different major franchises, including Star Wars (their most recent Lego game being Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga), Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, DC (with their Lego Batman games), Marvel, and Harry Potter. Whether this major IP title will be an old one or a new one, however, remains to be seen.

All that we know from the various job openings the studio has put out is that supposedly the game will be set in an open world and make use of Unreal Engine 5, in a departure from the NNT engine that was used for the Skywalker Saga game.

A rumor has gone around saying that Traveller’s Tales is working on a fourth Lego Batman title, and had previously cancelled four different Lego games, including a Disney game, but there isn’t much proof to that and, again, it’s just a rumor.

There aren’t really very many other major IPs that could be done with another Lego game, either, especially when the studio has already done so many. With that in mind, it might very well be that the “major IP” that Traveller’s Tales is using could actually be one of its pre-existing IPs, though now that issue turns to which.

While there hasn’t been any actual confirmation that a fourth Lego Batman game is in the works, if Traveller’s Tales is in fact making a Lego game from an IP they’d previously used, it’s possible that the rumors are true after all.

Considering no official announcement has been made yet, it’ll be up to Traveller’s Tales to actually say what major IP they’ll be making a Lego game from in the near future, or whenever they decide that it’s a good time to release a trailer. Until then, all we can do is watch and wait to see what they’re up to.

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