New Kojima Productions Game Will Be Announced “Quite Soon”

Kojima Productions, the recently formed independent studio of legendary director Hideo Kojima, is on the verge of making an important announcement.

Speaking with Al Hub in a recent interview, art director Yoji Shinkawa, a legend in his own right for his characters and work on the Metal Gear franchise, revealed that Kojima Productions will be announcing a new game in the near future.

“Well yeah, I am doing something, for sure, and I could tell you probably that we can announce it quite soon,” said Shinkawa when asked about any current projects in the pipelines of the studio.

Kojima Productions made its PlayStation 4 debut with Death Stranding back in 2019 after which the game was ported over to PC in 2020. There have been all sorts of rumors in the past year alone about potential collaborations with Sony Interactive Entertainment, Konami, or both on a horror game.

Whatever remains in development however will not be releasing anytime soon. Kojima Productions only began hiring in December 2020 which suggests the unannounced project to arrive somewhere in the middle of the new console generation at the earliest.

Kojima himself has previously expressed an interest in chalking out plans for Death Stranding 2 but which will have to offer something different in its own capacity. That and Kojima wants to continue working with actor Norman Reedus in the future.

That being said, fans will actually prefer the next game from Kojima Productions to be in the horror genre, particularly after the demise of P.T. and several rumors about the studio being involved in a Silent Hills project. Last year, renowned Japanese horror master Junji Ito revealed that he was in contact with Kojima for Silent Hills before the game was cancelled. He later clarified that the potential collaboration was about a new horror project in entirety and not limited to just Silent Hills.

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