These 12 New Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots Will Leave You Hungry For More

The RPG series is coming back with a bunch of Kingdom Hearts 3 characters from Twilight Town of last title. Although Kingdom Hearts 3 release date is set for 2019, Square Enix decided to give us a taste of the game. Developers revealed Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots to give fans something to cheer about.

Footage from a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer might already have shown you these glimpses. But these Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots features a more up close look into the characters. Out of these 12 stills, 3 of them are character renders whereas the rest of the nine are fresh screenshots.

Kingdom Hearts 3 characters like Pence, Olette, and Hayden were notable appearances. Moreover, the Old Mansion and Ansem’s Lab also featured among these stills. Its good to know the Kingdom Hearts 3 cast is going to have some familiar faces with much more to come as well.

Apart from this, Square Enix has also intended to keep the originality of characters in the game too. Original voice actors for characters from Tangled and Toy Story etc. featured in the game. Moreover, the developers are looking in to bring the original voice of Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3 as well.

Meanwhile, the developers are going to work on a Nintendo version of Kingdom Hearts 3 for switch. Additionally, the details of Kingdom Hearts 3 demo revealed much about the gameplay. The Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshots might be something to cheer about for the fans. But the Japan exclusive edition for Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 was something you don’t want to miss.

Nonetheless, fans must wonder why hasn’t Roxas shown up yet despite having a key role in the plot of the game. It was obvious that Roxas had a notable role from the earlier tweets of the developers. But we haven’t got any hint of Roxas from these recent reveals till now.

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