Possible New Homeworld Game Hinted At, Coming To PAX West Soon

A curious new teaser on the official Gearbox Studios YouTube channel has hinted at a possible new Homeworld game, and that we’ll be seeing more at PAX West. PAX West takes place on the last weekend of August, running from August 30 to September 2. Exactly what we’ll find there, who knows.

Homeworld is seen as one of the premiere space sims, an epic space opera that chronicles the journey of the people of the desert world of Kharak as they leave their dying homeworld to colonize their ancestral one: Hiigara.

The games, though originally coming out in 1999, were remastered several years ago by Gearbox, alongside the release of a new prequel game called Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Deserts of Kharak chronicled the expedition that found the Guidestone that kickstarts the original game’s plot.

However, considering that the plot of the Homeworld games effectively ends with Homeworld 2, where the Hiigarans truly reclaim their place in the galaxy by bringing together the three Hyperspace Cores that spark a new golden age of peace and prosperity, we have no idea where this possible new Homeworld game will go.

There’s no real hints within the logo that pops up in the teaser for the possible new Homeworld game, either. While it’s blockier than the original game’s logo, that’s because it’s made in the form of a constellation, all straight lines and no curves.

Thankfully since PAX West isn’t that far away, we won’t have that long to wait to see exactly what Gearbox has planned for Homeworld. However, since they’ve revitalized it not just with remastered old games but with a brand new game, there’s no telling what they’re intending to do.

You can look at the teaser for the possible new Homeworld game by following this link to YouTube, and in the meantime waiting on PAX West to see what Gearbox decides to show us.

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