New Hangar 13 Game In The Making, May Be Science Fiction Or Fantasy

Hangar 13, the developers of the third Mafia game Mafia 3, has just announced job openings for the next Hangar 13 game. There are a wide variety of job listings, many of which seem to hint that the game in question will be a science fiction or fantasy title. However, nothing’s confirmed yet.

Hangar 13 is best known for developing two different Mafia games: the remaster of the original Mafia, and Mafia 3, the latter of which released in 2016. It seems like, now that they’ve gotten their feet wet, the studio is looking to branch out into a less realistic setting.

The most notable job openings include a senior writer and an animator, among others. The Senior Writer position requires an appreciation of multiple genres rather than just science fiction or fantasy, while the Animator position is looking for someone who can animate both human and non-human characters.

While there is no actual description yet of what the new Hangar 13 game will be about, the company did issue a statement way back in 2018 that they believe their new IP was something they thought was incredibly unique, but would also be familiar enough to appeal to a lot of people.

The game will also include multiplayer components, as the listings make mention of matchmaking requirements and algorithms, guilds, live events, online play tuning, and more. The game will be a third-person and first-person action game that uses the studio’s own engine.

All of these various buzzwords bring to mind several live-service multiplayer games that have been cropping up in gaming from time to time the past few years, such as Destiny, The Division, and others. If that’s indeed what the studio is going for, hopefully the next Hangar 13 game can actually make itself distinct enough to not be swallowed up by any larger games.

We’ll likely learn more about the game sometime in the future, but in the meantime, you can look on Hangar 13’s official website to see the job listings for yourself.