New GTA 5 After Hours Content Detailed, Get A New Car, Blimp, New Club DJs

Three things that we can expect to see in the new GTA 5 After Hours content have been detailed, including a new car, a way to use a blimp, and a new radio station, and that’s probably not all that we’ll be doing either from what Rockstar has been telling us.

While the After Hours content released last week, new content is being activated this week, and a lot of it will be helping you flesh out your nightclub, the main draw of the expansion that you can use to bring in more money. And there’s a number of things that you can do to make it more appealing to the Los Santos population as well.

To start the GTA 5 After Hours content off with, you can buy a blimp in order to run advertisements for your nightclub, bringing more people to it and therefore more cash. You can also probably fly the blimp around Los Santos in multiplayer, but watch out for someone in a jet who might decide your big glowing blimp is also a big glowing target.

A new car is also available, the Enus Stafford, which is a four-door automobile that not only looks like something a gangster from the 40s would drive, but it’s super flashy as well, meaning that you’re likely to draw people’s eye when you drive down the street.

Two new DJs for you to book for your club, known as Tales of Us, will also be available. They’ll be playing exclusive, custom-made music for their upcoming album, and it’ll also be playing on Los Santos Underground Radio. They won’t be here forever though; next week they’ll leave, and you’ll be able to rent the DJ known as Dixon.

IF you have the money to buy both the Blimp and the Enus Stafford, you can get with it now since both bits of GTA 5 After Hours content are available this week.