New Ghost Recon Wildlands Content Coming, Includes New PVP Mode

Ubisoft has announced that new Ghost Recon Wildlands content will be coming with the game’s second season, including a new PVP mode. These will mainly consist of four new updates, which Ubisoft calls “Special Operations” and the first one will be coming on April 10. It will be called “Sabotage”.

Sabotage is a PVP game mode that pits two teams against one another as they try to either take possession or retain possession of an objective for a set amount of time. The game mode will come with five new maps specific to that game mode, a new class (the first of six this year) and new perks.

In addition to Sabotage, players will also be getting a new Player vs Environment mission, and will be able to customize their squadmates with clothing that they’ve already unlocked.

Ubisoft will also be allowing players to save money on the new Ghost Recon Wildlands content by buying the Year 2 season pass, a 30 dollar value that nets you early access to things like new Ghost War classes, a customization pack, four different Special Ops crates, and four new Ghost Wars crates. All of the different content updates are free, though, so the season past is best if you want early access to the new classes, or some extra gear.

We don’t know what the other three pieces of new Ghost Recon Wildlands content will be, but hopefully they’ll be something similar to Sabotage, or possibly other events like the Predator event that was added to the game a few weeks ago, where players had to hunt the alien through the woods before finally engaging it in battle.

If you’re still playing Wildlands and want more content, Season 2 will be starting on April 10, and hopefully the other bits of free content will also be coming out at regular intervals.