New Ghost Of Tsushima Details Surface, Game Isn’t A Historically Accurate One

Sucker Punch’s upcoming Ghost of Tsushima game got one of the best showings at the Playstation conference at E3, and was one of the three different samurai games that we were shown over the course of E3. Now we have some Ghost of Tsushima details to share with you.

Ghost of Tsushima’s time period takes place in the late 13th century, when the Mongol Empire launched an invasion of Japan, and more specifically the island of Tsushima. Players will take on the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai who must put aside the code of Bushido and use stealth and subterfuge in order to fight the Mongols that have invaded the island. We got to see this through the use of a grappling hook and platforming, along with the use of stealth.

According to the Ghost of Tsushima details, combat in the game will be messy and bloody, so you can expect plenty of blood and mud flying around. You’ll be seeing a lot of other weapons than just the katana that Jin was using in the E3 demo, all of which you’ll be able to use to fight the Mongol horde.

Players will be able to use their horse Nobu to travel all over the island, through bamboo forests that sway in the wind to grassy plains that you could see in the E3 demo, to urban centers and ornate Japanese castles. Players can see both great pagodas and Mongolian junks (a kind of ship, not a pile of garbage), and can travel through numerous villages, each one of which has their own storyline as you liberate them.

The game also has a number of small environmental touches. Jin will change into a straw Japanese raincoat known as a mino in inclement weather, and Japanese peasants will respect your samurai ranking and bow to you as you pass. However, people will also hide from you for fear of provoking your wrath, and you may be challenged to duels in order for people to prove themselves.

We’ll likely learn more Ghost of Tsushima details as we get closer to release, but until then Ghost of Tsushima will be available for the Playstation 4 sometime in 2019.