New Friday The 13th Content Has Been Cancelled Due To Legal Issues

Any new Friday the 13th content has been cancelled until further notice in a new press release from the game’s publisher Gun Media. The cancellation is in response to a legal dispute over the rights to use the Friday the 13th franchise, so the team is now in maintenance mode.

Friday the 13th originally came out last year in late May, and despite a rocky start due to server issues and bugs rapidly became highly popular, with a number of new Jason skins being added to the game so that you could play as every possible version of the infamous masked killer. However, this lack of new Friday the 13th content means that the Friday the 13th movies that haven’t been referenced to in the game, such as Jason X, might remain that way.

We also won’t be getting new alternate gameplay modes, new counselors, or new maps, so what we have in the game right now is likely what we’ll get, if the legal situation doesn’t pan out in Gun Media’s favor. And we don’t even know if the game will remain operational if the lawsuit is lost, so you might want to get in as much playtime as you can, just in case.

Since they can’t make any other cosmetic content, Gun Media is going into maintenance mode instead, and remains dedicated to adding in dedicated servers to the game and fixing various bugs and issues that remain in it.

However, even if the lawsuit ends in their favor, Gun Media likely won’t be able to just pick the game up again the way that they used to. Putting game development on pause for legal issues for months at a time doesn’t happen, and since the studio is currently forbidden to add anything, they can’t start making content that might never see the light of day.

So, even though no more Friday the 13th content will be made in the future, hopefully Camp Crystal Lake remains…lively…for a long time to come.