Third Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack Features New Leaked Cosmetics

A third Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack is coming our way according to a new leak. The pack, which looks more exclusive than the previous ones, contain four cosmetic items that were part of the Fortnite leaked cosmetics revealed a few days ago.  The new Fortnite Twitch Prime pack is believed to roll out in August.

The news comes from leaker Fortrisen, who have tweeted today about Epic Games rolling a new Fortnite Twitch Prime pack featuring four different cosmetics, a skin, a glider, a pickaxe and a back bling. All four items have been leaked a few days ago, we believed they could be new cosmetics though at the time.

What possibly made everyone really believe that these are indeed the contents of the third Fortnite Twitch Prime pack is the fact that it doesn’t come with a female equivalent. Almost all skins launching in Fortnite get both male and female models, apart from those intended to be included in the Twitch Prime packs.

As for their names, the Archetype skin, Caliper pickaxe, Servo glider, and Paradigm back bling are the leaked contents of the Fortnite Twitch Prime pack. This is another cool opportunity for you to grab that sweet subscription and get access to Twitch with no ads, a free subscription to use on your favorite channel, exclusive emotes and more.

Note that Fortrisen has been leaking the Battle Pass challenges for the next weeks in Fortnite and up until now, the leaks were legit. That being said, there’s a chance that this leak will become true too in the coming weeks, however, as with any news of this sorts, you should take it with a grain of salt.

As for Fortnite, the famous battle royale title, is currently in its third week of Season 5, bearing a lot of cool rewards for those who complete it. How far have you gone up until now?

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