New Fight Night Boxing Game Coming To Next-Gen Consoles?

Famous Boxer Lennox Lewis just took to Twitter and stated that Electronic Arts is thinking about the return of their Fight Night series. This means that a new Fight Night game is coming to next-gen consoles. Here is what he said in his tweet:

Just heard EASPORTS is considering bringing back FightNight for XBox Series X and PlayStation 5. What do you think about that? If they do, they better do me more justice on my fighter rating.

He claims that EA is thinking about re-launching their boxing game franchise on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Furthermore, Lewis humorously takes a jab at his fighter rating in the previous game and expects a better rating this time around.

In Fight Night Champion, Lennox Lewis has a fighter rating of 85. Boxers such as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson have ratings of 93 and 92 respectively. Lennox Lewis probably wants his rating to be higher up the ladder.

Electronic Arts released the PlayStation 3 version of Fight Night in 2004. The game was received well by critics and fans alike. Subsequent games in the franchise did well including Fight Night Champion which got good reviews. The latest game in the franchise showcased the brutal price, boxers had to pay to get in the ring.

The imprint of the glove in the game could be seen on the boxer’s face when he got punched. The blood and severity of the cut were shown realistically. Despite the good reviews, the game felt like the previous games with a few changes here and there. With Lenox Lewis saying that a new Fight Night game is coming to next-gen consoles, fans are hoping for something a little more fresh and distinct.

There is no official word yet from Electronic Arts about a new Fight Night game. But if a renowned boxer such as Lenox Lewis says that he heard about it then this statement holds a lot of weight. Let’s hope we get official confirmation soon and the new game will, in fact, be on the next-gen consoles.