New FIFA 19 Patch Arrives With Big Gameplay Changes Including Bicycle Kick Nerf

New FIFA 19 patch has now arrived and it brings several gameplay changes. That overpowered and easy bicycle kick has also been nerfed along with some PC only changes to address bugs and errors.

FIFA 19 update makes gameplay changes to modes including FIFA Ultimate Team, Online, Career Mode, and more. EA has also fixed an issue where the sound used to disappear while playing a match on PC.

As for online, your opponent will no longer be able to skip your goal replay. It was one of the most annoying issues and there were many complaints about it.

As for bicycle kicks, you should know that they were really easy to pull off since launch but it was due to the broken mechanics of the game. It’s now been fixed with some changes to the rate of kicks which will now make it harder for you to score.

EA has also addressed the goalkeeper issues in the game which sometimes resulted in some hilarious goals being scored. The goalkeeper had a very hard time when picking up the ball closer to his feet.

Some of the gameplay changes are as follows.


Made the following changes:

  • You can now make changes to your Game Plans in the Pause Menu during a match.
  • Changes made to your Game Plans during a match will not be saved after completion of that match.
  • Swapping players in the Pause Menu during a match, while on the Balanced Game Plan, will now apply those changes to the other Game Plans.
  • This only applies if you make the changes to the Balanced Game Plan, changes made in the Pause Menu during a match to the other Game Plans will be localized to only those Game Plans and would need to be made manually in the others.
  • Given the above, if making a change to your team due to a red card, for example, make sure that the change is being made to the Balanced Game Plan.
  • In situations where the formations being used in your non-Balanced Game Plans are significantly different than those in your Balanced Game Plans, the swaps may not happen automatically.
  • For example, if you are playing with a formation, on your Balanced Game Plan, that has a Left Back, and swap a Striker into the Left Back spot, and then change to a Game Plan where there is no Left Back, such as a three at the back formation, the swap may not be made automatically.

In other news, EA has banned a pro player of FIFA for criticizing the game. According to him, he was just being honest and he has the right to give opinions. FIFA 19 glitch has also been found which allows you to get £1 Billion Transfer Budget in the Career mode.

FIFA 19 is now available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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