New Fallout 4 Mod Allows You to Call an Orbital strike with a Laser Rifle

The latest mod for Fallout 4 called Archimedes-II allows you to call orbital strikes and cause massive destruction in the game with different modes.

Bethesda is busy making their latest Fallout 76 a better game as everyone expected. Meanwhile, the modders are still busy working on previous games like Fallout 4 by bringing new content and new ways to have fun in the game with new mods. The latest mod for Fallout 4 called Archimedes-II allows you to call orbital strikes and cause massive destruction in the game.

Yes, this brings us the old memories of Fallout Vegas. This Fallout 4 mod called Archimedes-II is a “multi-purpose weapons platform”. This Archimedes-II mod in Fallout 4 comes with three different firing modes and trust me, each one of them is a lot of fun to use.

These three unique firing modes that you can access in Fallout 4 are Flare charger, Dissapator beam, and Orbital Designation.

In the Orbital Designation mode, you can point your laser rifle to call in an orbital strike from the Archimedes-II satellite. In order to use, you will have to hold your laser sight steady for few seconds before the orbital strike initiates.

This weapon doesn’t require any ammo. Though it has an in-game cooldown timer of 24 hours. You can also reduce this cooldown timer by visiting a weapon bench and by using science perks.

You can use three different modes of this weapon anytime by accessing it from the inventory menu. The flare charge acts the closest to a Gauss Rifle and you have to hold it to fire.

You will have to charge the shot. On the other hand, the Dissipator mode is like the Gluon Gun from Half-life 1. Dissipator mode allows you to fire a constant beam of energy and this beam is recoilless and you can easily control it.

If you are interested, you can download this Archimedes-II mod for Fallout from Nexus Mods. You will also find further details about each mode and the creators have also answered frequently asked questions there.

In other Fallout 4 news, Capital Wasteland is coming back. This Capital Wasteland mod allows you to run Fallout 3 into Fallout 4 engine and it’s highly anticipated.

The mod worked for a short time and was turned down. But finally, it’s coming back. The Capital Wasteland mod for Fallout 4 was put on hold due to problems it faced due to the usage of original dialogues from Fallout 3.

As for Fallout 76, the nukes got disabled recently after the disappearance of nuclear codes.  Fallout 76 nukes stayed disabled through the new year and finally they have been activated. The game went down on January 2 and Bethesda has confirmed that they are now reactivated.

It’s good to see the main feature of the game back after disappearing without any apparent reason. Bethesda has been struggling since the launch of the game. Fallout 76 is full of bugs and crashes. Bethesda has been releasing big updates to fix issues and make the game more playable and fun.

Though 2019 seems like another opportunity for Bethesda to please the fans with big improvements. Bethesda has confirmed that they are working on future updates and they plan on bringing non-restrictive PvP sometime in 2019.

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