New EA Trademarks Filed For “Vigilance” and “Vigilant”, New Games?

A pair of new EA trademarks have been filed with the United States’s Patent and Trade Office, under the terms “Vigilance” and “Vigilant.” Considering they’ve been filed under computer games software, it’s likely that EA is getting ready to start work on a pair of possibly related games.

While we don’t really know anything about what these games might entail, the similarity in titles possibly points to them being two of a series, or possibly a mainline console game with a mobile game added as a companion title. However, until EA actually reveals them to the public (possibly at E3 or some other big event this year), we don’t really know anything about them.

However, it could also be something that the developer is planning for the Nintendo Switch, which is going to be officially announced in a few days’ time. Considering that the Switch has already been said to have a large number of third-party games being developed for it, it would be a good chance for the games to be revealed to the public, by title if nothing else, unless EA actually has done some work on them.

The new EA trademarks could have been filed during any stage of development prior to now, so it really all depends on exactly what the company has planned for them. While we know nothing about the games, they could be anything from mobile games to regular Triple-A games, and we won’t know which until they’re actually, officially announced.

Whatever these new EA trademarks are for, we’ll just have to wait and see what Electronic Arts actually is going to do with them before we make any assumptions about what they are. In the meantime, gamers that are curious about the trademarks will have to wait for any new information about them.