EA Has Filed Multiple New Trademarks for Its Next Soccer Game

EA has filed multiple trademarks for what appears to be their first soccer game after the company announced a split from FIFA.

FIFA 23 is the last entry in the long-running FIFA franchise that for over two decades has been developed by EA Sports. The yearly series, however, will be getting replaced by EA’s own original soccer title, which the company has apparently filed multiple trademarks for over the past few months.

Being a completely separate game from the FIFA franchise, obviously Electronic Arts can’t just copy/paste everything name-wise from the series into their new title. FIFA is a massive sports brand, after all. So the trademarks show that many of the mechanics of this new game will be getting their own legally distinct names.

For instance, FIFA Ultimate Team, where players could create their “ultimate team” of soccer players from a variety of different clubs across the globe, has just been renamed to “Football Ultimate Team.” Radiating out from this includes things like “FC Coins”, “Ultimate Team FC”, and more.

Time will only tell, however, just how different this new football game will be from the FIFA games. While it could end up being something completely different, there’s always the chance that EA will just make the game the exact same as their FIFA titles but with the serial numbers filed off.

Considering that FIFA has been a yearly series for the past two decades (often to its detriment), it wouldn’t be a surprise for EA Sports to just continue on that market but with new paint slapped onto everything. However, we still don’t have a release date or window for any new soccer game on EA Sports’ part. All we know that there will indeed be a new Soccer game this year from EA and it won’t have FIFA in the title.

If EA is actually taking their time on the game, we might not see them going back to the yearly model at all, though that’s doubtful considering how well the FIFA games have always sold each year. But hopefully however long it takes EA to actually put the game out, it ends up being a good game.

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