New Doom Movie in the Works, “Much Better Script” Than the Last One

There were a few rumors in the past decade about Universal Pictures considering to reboot the Doom franchise with a fresh installment. It now appears that the studio has finally decided to move forward with the notion.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, actress Nina Bergman revealed that she has signed up for “the next Doom movie” with Universal Pictures and will be heading back to Bulgaria this year for slated production.

In addition, she teased that “a super cool director” is attached with the project without mentioning any name. When probed for more details, she added that the script is “much better” than the last installment.

Doom (2005) was the first eponymous live-action adaptation of the popular and cult-classic video game franchise. It featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Karl Urban, and Rosamund Pike in central roles. However, much like most video game adaptations, the movie fell to poor reviews from both critics and fans.

There is no word on the cast for the potential reboot but it seems unlikely that Johnson is going to return. That would perhaps be for the best because the new Doom movie needs to start from scratch. There is still hope that Universal Pictures gets it right the second time. Whatever changes are in plan for the reboot, the premise is obviously going to remain the same and one lucky guy gets to take the job of closing down a gateway into hell on Mars.

The last Doom game to release was in 2016 by developer id Software after a significant hiatus. It was met with critical acclaim and hence, the upcoming movie is probably going to draw inspiration from it.

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