New “Domination XL” Playlist Revealed for Call of Duty WW2, Rewards 100 Points per Kill

Sledgehammer Games is currently working on several new content pieces for Call of Duty WW2 and one of them is a new playlist called Domination XL.

Posting on Reddit earlier today, studio co-founder Michael Condrey explained that players will earn 100 points instead of just 50 for every kill they obtain in the mode. Domination XL is being tested internally right now and expected to release for the game later this month if everything goes according to plan.

In addition, there are various other updates set to arrive in January as well. This includes weapon adjustments next week and several other fixes soon after that. The infamous spectator bug will be squashed as well for all platforms.

Not to forget, the Resistance expansion pack is on schedule to go live on January 30 for PlayStation 4. It will add three new multiplayer maps that are based on three different locations, a new narrative-driven War mode, and a new chapter to the Zombies mode. The expansion pack will release for Xbox One and PC a month later due to an exclusivity partnership between Activision and Sony.

Take note that the first expansion of the game will release on the same day when the first season of Ranked Play concludes. The second season will officially begin on February 1, giving the community just over a couple of weeks more to grind for the alluring seasonal rewards and other incentives to boast in Call of Duty WW2.

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