New Details On Dark Souls III New Game+ Mode, Fast Travel, Hidden Walls and More

Some new information has been shared regarding Dark Souls III New Game+ Mode, Fast Travel, Hidden Walls and more. According to From Software, similar to Dark Souls II, Fast Travel is going to be available from the beginning of the game.

This is because Miyazaki wants the convenience level of previous games.

New Game+ Mode is Dark Souls III will bring new weapons, items, changes in enemy locations to keep the element of surprise alive in the second run of the game. However, bonfire ascetics won’t be returning.

Miyazaki also shared his views on weapon durability. He says that things are still being finalized and balanced out, however, he feels that Dark Souls II weapons broke a little too easily:

Still tuning the balance, but I personally think that the weapons in Dark Souls II break a little too easily. This was implemented intending for the players to try out many types of weapons, but even so, I felt they broke too quickly. However, in Dark Souls I, they didn’t break enough, and so I’m hoping to find a good balance for Dark Souls III.

Moreover, Dark Souls III won’t use Bloodborne’s Bell summoning system, as it will utilize the same system used in Dark Souls I and II. Players won’t have to worry about keeping a healthy stock of red orbs, as consumable items aren’t a hurdle for invasion.

Hidden Walls are making a comeback as well, but this time things will be similar to Dark Souls I. Players shouldn’t expect to use an interact button for Hidden Walls, because they are tied to attack.

This is due to my thinking behind this type of feature. I like to have coincidences happen during battles, or accidental reveals due to swinging weapons around, randomly shooting arrows. I want to implement this sort of surprise discovery in a natural way when playing the game.

Dark Souls III will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2016.

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