New Death Stranding Trailer/Info At Comic Con?

Sony recently shared a collage of screenshots from the last Death Stranding trailer. Along with the cryptic caption “tomorrow is in your hands”. What could this mean? Well, considering tomorrow is Comic-Con, I’m assuming Sony has another Death Stranding trailer planned for us. Though if not a trailer, maybe some sort of panel or questionnaire. What can we expect from Death Stranding at Comic-con?

Here’s the official Tweet from Sony teasing whatever reveal they have planned tomorrow:

Hideo Kojima, the director behind Death Stranding, did confirm his attendance to Comic-Con. The massive geek convention in San Diego hosts many video game/movie related official content. The most common form being panels that allow fans to directly interact with creators. This leads to questions, interviews and basically info coming out. Each Panel usually features a trailer as well. That’s why I think we could be getting a new Death Stranding trailer tomorrow.

Hopefully, it’s more context to the game. Of course, not in a spoiler sense at all. But more in the sense of knowing what the hell is going on. Death Stranding is one of the most vaguely presented games I’ve come across. If there’s one thing Kojima is number 1 at, it’s giving players a mindfuck. He’s been doing so since the first Metal Gear Solid and his streak doesn’t seem to be stopping soon.

I think something we’re all hoping for knowing is the Death Stranding plot. Even the last trailer was a filler to generate more hype. Also, a casual way for Kojima to flex his all-star cast. Perhaps the panel will talk about the story revolving around the Death Stranding world? We have till tomorrow to speculate all the possible outcomes.

Of course, it might just be another filler. The cast of the game might reappear just to call it mindblowing again. It’s arguably better without the info, going into the game completely blind.

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