New Death Stranding Information Is Just As Cryptic As Everything Else

Hideo Kojima apparently let some new Death Stranding information be known on his Twitter page…but it was just as cryptic and indecipherable as the rest of the game has been. This time, however, instead of revolving around babies or fish or oil, the Twitter post revolved around…hands. That’s right, hands.

Specifically, handshakes. Kojima’s tweet went into a number of things about hands, such as how in Buddhism the positioning of hands and which you use for what are important, such as the right hand being Buddha, and the left hand being the person that is praying, and by clasping your hands in prayer you become one with the Buddha.

Kojima’s Death Stranding information also revolved around the weirdness of handshakes, such as while right hands and left hands are functionally identical, they are not completely the same (a phenomenon that is called ‘chiral’) and thus can’t overlap one another. Thus, chiral hands can’t be used to make a handshake.

Kojima’s point, to this, was asking what it might be like to live in a world where you can no longer shake or hold hands. And that only adds to the general weirdness of Death Stranding, which has been leaving people flummoxed no matter how many trailers we get. With Norman Reedus holding a baby inside him, the giant invisible monsters that apparently eat people, and everything else that we’ve seen, who knows what the game is about?

We still don’t know really anything about Death Stranding, and the only gameplay footage that we’ve gotten so far is a few short clips in the game’s E3 2018 trailer, which was just as confusing as everything else except for the fact that we now know a little more about Sam, Norman Reedus’s character.

We still don’t know when Death Stranding will release, but until then all we can do is speculate and see if more Death Stranding information comes out.