New Dead By Daylight Killer “The Plague” Announced Alongside New Survivor And Map

Behaviour Interactive has released a trailer showing off a new Dead By Daylight killer as part of the upcoming "Demise of the Faithful" expansion.

Behaviour Interactive, the company behind the popular slasher film survival game Dead By Daylight, has released a trailer for another upcoming expansion, “Demise of the Faithful”. This update will add a new survivor, a new map, and a new Dead by Daylight killer known as “The Plague”. We’ll probably find out more closer to release.

From what we can tell, at least, the Plague appears to be some kind of serial killer that is something of a cultist of the Entity that has trapped survivor and killer alike into this situation. We see her holding a censer in the shape of the Entity, surrounded by candles, and apparently praying to it.

Exactly why she worships the Entity as a god, and what she’s capable of as a killer, however, remains to be seen. Considering her name, and the fact that she’s overcome by a coughing fit during her prayer, we can only imagine that her abilities deal with some kind of disease to weaken, damage, and maybe even kill survivors over time.

However, the new Dead By Daylight killer isn’t the only thing being added in the Demise of the Faithful expansion. A new survivor named Jane Romero will also be coming to the game, and a new map specifically for the Plague called the “Temple of Purgation” is coming too.

Players may have to be on the lookout for anything that the Plague might try, especially since maps released alongside killers often have good synergy, so there’s likely mechanics on that map, or on the killer, that help them to hunt down survivors.

While we don’t know yet exactly what the new Dead By Daylight killer is capable of, Behaviour Interactive will hopefully release some kind of trailer or blurb that tells us what she can do. Then again, where would the fun in that be, both for the killer and the survivors?

You can watch the new trailer by following this link.

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