New Crackdown 3 Release Window Might Be February 2019, More At E3

A new Crackdown 3 release window has apparently been leaked, showing that the game will apparently be coming out in February of 2019. More information will be coming at E3, and hopefully it will hold up and not be delayed again before that release. But, as we said, we’ll have to wait till E3.

Crackdown 3 would be the third entry in the Crackdown series, and is the series’s chance for redemption following the thoroughly forgettable Crackdown 2, which many critics said was a barely-changed copy of the first Crackdown game.

The Crackdown games put players in the shoes of a super-soldier “Agent” that is tasked with clearing out crime in the city by destroying three different gangs to bring law and order. Crackdown 2 changed up the formula a bit by creating two new groups: a citizen’s militia called the Cell that stood against the tyranny of the player’s Agency, and a race of mutants that overran the city every night.

Crackdown 3 promises a lot of things for gamers, including a new story, new weapons, and most particularly a huge destruction engine that will allow players to demolish entire buildings in the course of shooting weapons at them, such as causing an enormous skyscraper to smash other buildings beneath it as it falls over.

However, there hasn’t been very much news about the game ever since it was announced at E3 2014. Despite a trailer being released starring Terry Crews, the game didn’t get any sort of semblance of a release date despite news of several delays, with many people even thinking that it was being delayed deliberately in order to keep the IP relevant.

Either way, the rumors of a Crackdown 3 release window will hopefully end up giving us a full on release date when E3 rolls around, and it will end up being better than either of the games that came before it.