New “Coloring System” Will Improve the Overwatch Spectator Experience

The underwhelming nature of the spectator mode remains as a thorn in the sides of the Overwatch community, but improvements are peeking over the horizon.

It has often been highlighted as to how difficult it can be to follow competitive matches. Players can easily lose themselves in the current vibrant design and fast-paced dynamics of combat. In short, even regular folks from the community can sometimes be left confused and fuddled. One major issue is trying to tell, at a glance, which of the heroes on the screen belong to which side. There are no clear indicators to distinguish both teams during heated and chaotic battles. However, that is about to change.

Responding to a thread on the official forums, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the development team has been working on a number of improvements for the spectator mode of Overwatch. This includes a better “coloring system” that allows the esports crowd to be more informed while watching matches.

“We’re working on a better team coloring system right now,” he stated. “We’ve put significant efforts against this issue. We agree, it’s a top issue and there are a lot of areas for improvement. Our results and progress has been really good and I have faith the team will deliver something that raises the quality of the experience significantly.”

A release date of time frame for the update was not mentioned. However, it should be around the corner because of the mere fact that the Overwatch League is about to commence. Blizzard has reiterated in the past that it wants the game to be perfectly placed for its highly anticipated league, for both the players and audience.

Last week, a new report revealed that Overwatch is one of the top highest earning games for the current year so far on both consoles and PC.

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