New Cloud Gaming Patent From Sony Tells More About How It Works

Sony Interactive Entertainment is moving into the cloud gaming territory. Over the past few months multiple patents were filed by the company and all of them, bit by bit, paint a picture of how this works.

While we don’t know if this is something new or a revamp of PlayStation Now, the latest patent has some new details about how part of the process works. The Cloud Gaming platform stores assets on the client-side during streaming for a smoother experience.

Sony filed a patent for a method of streaming where “cached visual assets are processed by the client device and combined into the gameplay video before being presented on the display.”

A method for streaming gameplay of a cloud video game is provided, including: executing the cloud video game to generate gameplay video; streaming the gameplay video over a network to a client device, the gameplay video being presented by the client device on a display; during the streaming of the gameplay video, transmitting one or more visual assets over the network to the client device, the visual assets being cached by the client device; wherein the cached visual assets are processed by the client device and combined into the gameplay video before being presented on the display.

Some of the assets will be cached on the client-side during streaming to help take the load off the server-side to improve lag and latency. The main issue with services like Google Stadia, PS Now, and Project xCloud is the current infrastructure around the world. The United States isn’t even in the top 30 countries  The new patent follows multiple others that all point Sony’s plan to integrate cloud gaming with PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Pro.

In case you’re not aware, there is a PlayStation 5 Pro rumored to be in development alongside the base model. According to a renowned Japanese journalist  Zenji Nishikawa, Sony is working on PS5 Pro that’ll release alongside PS5 in holiday 2020.

Sony announced a State of Play for September 24 where we were hoping to get some sort of tease for next-gen. However, Sony crushed our hopes in its blog post where the company made it clear that is no PS5 news during the State of Play this month. The good news is here is that fans will get new games and an update from Sony’s Worldwide Studios.

As for Cloud Gaming and PlayStation 5, the marketing should kick-off by the end of the year when PlayStation Experience hits.

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