New Character From Overkill’s The Walking Dead Revealed

We got our first look at Overkill’s The Walking Dead game character Aiden four months ago.Now, another character named Maya is revealed through a new trailer, showing Maya fighting off zombies.

As seen in the trailer, the horrors surrounding Maya and how much hard decisions she has to make in this world to survive.  At the start, Maya was working at a Nurse station in Washington, D.C. Hospital until it is taken over by zombies causing utter chaos. It is seen in the trailer that her doctor friend gets bitten by a zombie causing him to slowly turn into one.

Given that the only choice for Maya is to kill her friend which she does by shooting in the head, and later which makes her slap herself but also gives us a reason to believe that she will have healing abilities.

We don’t know much about the game as Overkill hasn’t released many details about the new game and besides gameplay Overkill yet has to unveil two more playable characters from the game.

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