New Brothers In Arms Game Is In Works, There is Still More Work To Do

We have been getting a lot of games based on World War 2 lately which includes Call of Duty: WWII and the upcoming Battlefield V. Brothers in Arms is another beloved game series based on World War 2 which has been missing since many years but is expected to come back.

Brothers in Arms is very well known among fans and was competing against Call Of Duty and Battlefield before it disappeared forever. The last game in the series came on PC which was called Double Time and released back in 2008.

Luckily Gearbox Software hasn’t forgotten the game and recently the head of the studio, Randy Pitchford confirmed that they are indeed working on a new game in the World War series.

Pitchford was asked about Brothers in Arms on Twitter recently and when will a new game come because fans are tired of playing the same old game many times. To which he replied by saying that they are working on something new. He didn’t say much but declared that they have been working on something for a while.

We are working on something. We’ve been working on it for awhile and there are some awesome people involved and as it is developing I am starting to think it could be really good. I want to be sure before we announce. We have more work to do.

So yes, this tells us that Gearbox Software is developing a new Brothers in Arms game but Randy Pitchford is not yet confident enough to announce it to the public. We do have high hopes and we hope nothing gets canceled.

In other news, Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition has been listed in Korea which tells us that the remaster of the original game might be in works.

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