New Biomutant Gameplay Shows Vehicles, Weather, Underwater Gameplay

New Biomutant gameplay has been uploaded onto YouTube by IGN, showing off a number of little animations, vehicles that you could pilot, and new areas that you’d be going through, ranging from forests filled with bouncing mushrooms to wide mud flats crawling with vicious creatures that attack you as you walk.

Biomutant is another one of the upcoming games that THQ Nordic had announced last year in 2017, starring a small furry creature that you could customize as you embarked on a kung-fu inspired adventure to kill five different bosses sucking the life out of a huge tree in the center of the map.

The new Biomutant gameplay shows off things like a giant mecha that you can ride, a robotic hand that you run around in like Master Hand on speed, and a hang glider. We also see various weapons like crossbows and hookshots that you can grab enemies with, helping your character in combat, like a staff.

We also get to see a few little idle animations for your character. For instance, leave him sitting long enough and he’ll start to meditate, and while doing that, he apparently floats! Leaving him in the rain also generates an idle animation where the poor guy shivers like a leaf and rubs his paws together for warmth.

Biomutant has a lot of interesting concepts in it so far, and though we don’t quite have a release date for it other than sometime this year, if all of the new Biomutant gameplay that we get ends up being this interesting then it’s sure to be a great game.

THQ Nordic is still rather untested despite it being a revival of THQ, so Biomutant and other THQ Nordic games like Darksiders 3 will have to do very well if the company wants to get the THQ brand name back on its feet.