New Bethesda Projects Leaked After Microsoft Acquisition

Microsoft has finally acquired ZeniMax Online Media and, by association, Bethesda. However, while Bethesda continues to work on Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, it appears that new Bethesda projects are also in the works, according to a leaker named Timur22 who took a peek at the company’s LinkedIn page.

Specifically, Timur looked at the LinkedIn page of Alexander Alza. Currently, Alza is the Lead Environment Artist at Bethesda, and along with Starfield and Elder Scrolls is working on various unannounced projects.

However, even if they haven’t been officially announced, speculation has already begun. For instance, some people are guessing that the unannounced titles are less-important, possibly even mobile games, since Bethesda is currently working on two hotly anticipated Triple-A games.

However, Timur has refuted that speculation. He claims that a source close to him has said that these unannounced projects are much greater in scope, though they didn’t say what and until these new games are actually announced, we can’t really know, either.

The new Bethesda projects could be anything, ranging from new IPs to new entries in other games, such as a new Fallout game (even though Fallout 76 is still being worked on). While various other studios under the Bethesda umbrella are also working on games, Timur’s leak specifically refers to Bethesda Game Studios, which is the game development section of the company.

Aside from the new Bethesda projects, there’s also been some leaked information about The Elder Scrolls 6, though again we have no idea if this is true. Apparently, the game will include survival mechanics, along with a revamped magic system that’s unlike anything that’s been in The Elder Scrolls before.

We’ll have to wait until some upcoming conference to probably see anything about any of the projects that Timur had teased, but until then, hopefully work on both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 goes at a brisk pace.