New Bend Studio IP Utilizes Days Gone’s Open-World Systems

The “deep open-world systems” built by developer Bend Studio for Days Gone are now being used for a brand new intellectual property on PlayStation 5.

While sharing his insight on the future of PlayStation games earlier today, head of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst confirmed Bend Studio to be “working on a very exciting new IP that they are very, very passionate about.” He added that the developer has been building upon the same open-world technology and features which were originally developed for Days Gone.

Take note that Days Gone was the first original intellectual property of Bend Studio. The mention of another new intellectual property nails down the fact that the developer is not working on a Days Gone sequel.

Bend Studio was recently revealed to have pitched Days Gone 2 back in late 2019 but which was rejected by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The publisher was apparently against the idea of a sequel because of how the first game had a lengthy development cycle and the mixed reception at release. Sony reportedly marked the sequel to not be a “viable option” for PlayStation 5.

Once the word got out, fans began making themselves heard through online petitions, requesting Sony to reconsider and hence, green-light Days Gone 2. Those online petitions though did nothing.

Hulst made it clear that building new intellectual properties “is incredibly important” for the PlayStation brand as they are “the lifeblood of gaming.” He never teased what the new Bend Studio game will be about but did mention how he wants PlayStation Studios to be “fiercely daring” with the notion of taking risks to push boundaries of gaming and keep making games that matter.

Days Gone is now available on both PlayStation 4 and PC, the latter happening just recently and as another first-party PlayStation game to break away from PlayStation exclusivity. It hence would not be surprising if in the long run, the in-development new project at Bend Studio finds its way to PC as well.

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