New Battlefront 2 Content Includes Commandos, Droid Appearances, Instant Action

Gamescom didn’t disappoint for Star Wars Battlefront fans, as DICE announced their next roadmap for upcoming content in the game. It included an ew variety of Republic unit, new cosmetics for droids, a new map, changes to various modes, and more, including a return to Instant Action from the original games.

To start off with, we’ll be getting the Clone Commando as a special unit for the Galactic Republic. An elite variety of clone trooper clad in special armor and wielding a custom-built DC-17 blaster, the Clone Commando can not only blast droids, but hit them with a grenade launcher attachment.

For those of you who were gaming back in the days of the old Expanded Universe, you may remember the Commandos from Star Wars: Republic Commando, where you played as Delta Squad going on secret missions behind enemy lines. But these bad boys will be coming in September.

Even more new Battlefront 2 content is coming in August, however. The Separatist Dreadnought and Venator Star Destroyer are both now going to be maps in the Heroes vs Villains mode. You’ll now also be able to spawn on Command Points owned by your team in Capital Supremacy, and the mode will be getting a new map on the planet Felucia.

Along with all of that, the Separatist battle droids will also be getting the cosmetic treatment, with new paint schemes for Pilot, Jungle, and Training battle droids. However, in September, along with the commandos, we’ll be getting even bigger adjustments.

To start with, a new four-player cooperative mode will now be available, allowing four players to participate in PVE combat on various Clone Wars-era worlds. Instant Action, one of the most popular modes from the original games, is also making a return, and is single player as well.

Along with all of this new Battlefront 2 content, new content based on the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie will also be coming, though that’s likely several months off since the movie comes out in December. In the meantime, keep an eye on the game to experience all of these updates.

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