New Battlefield V Teaser Released Ahead Of E3, Prepare To Jump

We are closer than ever to E3 2018 and EA Play is what every Battlefield fan is waiting for to get more detailed information about Battlefield V including new announcements and impressions of the game.

There’s a lot to see in the upcoming days but that hasn’t stopped EA and DICE to keep teasing the fans with something new about the game. The most recent Tweet from the official Battlefield V account has posted a new teaser ahead of E3.

The Tweet reads, “Prepare to jump” which starts with Microsoft and Xbox One branding. The video is short which is just 20 seconds to be exact and it shows us footage from a cinematic in the game, the footage shows oldie getting pushed out of the plane after which another cutscene shows the plane is on fire and is crashing. That’s it then the video ends with key art of the game and lets us know there is more to come at EA Play on June 20, 2018.

There’s no other explanation of the video as it is so short. It’s definitely from a cutscene so we will have wait to find out about the whole ongoing situation.

Battlefield V has impressed everyone so far. Battlefield V is going to have insane customization options which means that you can make your soldiers look like you and totally different from others in the game

There are so many options for weapons as well including different sights, stocks, and muzzles which will make you stand out from others in a Conquest mode. For the first time, you can even add layers and skins to hide your military vehicles.

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